Top 10 Draft choise of 2015. From Latvia to Spain to USA!

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Name, Surname:



Date of birth:
August 2, 1995

Place of birth:
Liepaja, Latvia



The world as well as the game of basketball was first introduced to Kristaps Porzingis in Liepaja – the Latvia’s city of wind and rock music. There was no question that the youngest of three brothers had to get into basketball - his older brothers as well as his parents had a passion for this sport. Edvins Sprude, the former coach of Kristap’s mother, is the one we must thank for giving the first basketball knowledge to the youngest sibling of the family. His mother was also responsible for the logistics’ side of his training by bringing the young athlete from work-outs to swimming pool and English classes. His sparring was taken care by his father and brothers – at the age of five a basketball hoop was put up into his room and backyard where a countless number of shoots were done in a company of Kristap’s brothers, friends and parents. Thanks to his family’s and his own fanatic attitude the young athlete never dared to dream low – since a young age he spent his pre-season sessions in a basketball court or in a track and field stadium where the groundwork for his future success was made.

Kristaps believes that his biggest victories are still in front of him, but up until now he remembers very well the time when, at the age of 11, he won a prize as the best player of the game in a youth tournament in Poland. He got a new bike that can still be found in his parents’ house in Liepaja. Even though Kristaps has spent the most of his life abroad, the Latvian saying “it’s nowhere as good as home” is still referable to Latvia, especially Liepāja – his hometown where he feels the best. The walls of his house, the paths of his childhood, Liepāja Sports Centre, and of course, the city beach is the one that the young athlete longs to visit the most when visiting home to recharge his emotions and have some fun with his family and friends. After graduating from elementary school at Liepāja State Gymnasium, he moved to Sevilla - the fourth biggest city in Spain, where he eased his longing for home in long practices and, with a confident slam dunk against Real Madrid, made his debut in the Meka of Spanish basketball - Liga ABC.


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